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Crosstown Convertible, As Seen on Episode 210

May 8, 2009
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Bonnie Burton from Colorful Stitches shares a unique design called the Crosstown Convertible, a great design for knitters who want to move beyond the scarf and design something fashion-forward. This garment can be worn in multiple ways, perfect for any individual! Sponsored by Colorful Stitches

Watch a Knitting Daily TV video demonstration of how to wear this garment in multiple different ways here in the Videos Section of our website.

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dht wrote
on Jan 2, 2010 10:13 AM

I vwonder how this pattern could be modified for a 7 year old girl??

berrold wrote
on Nov 18, 2009 9:45 AM

Excellent idea ! I never saw something like that multi-functional scarf!

A lot of knitting,but all my frends(girls) would like such a piece of garment!

Giannacl wrote
on Nov 2, 2009 3:40 PM

Thanks, Julie V... i'll see what I can do....

SusanG@4 wrote
on Oct 31, 2009 11:46 PM

I can,t download this either.!!! I,m getting sick of being bombarded with adds all the time to subscribe( I already do) and buy buy buy I miss Sandy and wish she was back!!!!!!!


Lin@15 wrote
on Oct 20, 2009 7:35 PM

Thank you for fixing the download so quickly!  Much appreciated.

CindyK@32 wrote
on Oct 20, 2009 5:11 PM

I sent a quick email about 15 minutes ago, just got an email back  THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN FIXED.  pattern is now ready to download. 

bode wrote
on Oct 20, 2009 4:39 PM

Would love to download but there is no visible means to do so.  Help, please!

debmae wrote
on Oct 20, 2009 4:39 PM

Help I can't download the pattern either, I would like to make it

bode wrote
on Oct 20, 2009 4:38 PM
on Oct 20, 2009 4:38 PM

I am also having problems downloading this pattern

BronwynW wrote
on Oct 20, 2009 4:35 PM

Ditto to comment above. I've been to this page multiple times and I get a blank screen... sad :(

Lin@15 wrote
on Oct 20, 2009 4:34 PM

How can this pattern be downloaded--no Download Now button appears with this pattern on-line . . . .

annbhein wrote
on Oct 20, 2009 1:49 PM

Very cool.  I'm seriously considering the project, but that's a lot of knitting, even if it is easy.

JulieV wrote
on Oct 19, 2009 6:37 PM

Looks great, I actually think I will adapt it for my knitting machine as summer is coming on here and I could get a month's wear out of it before packing it away :)

Giannaci, if you work out the dimensions I'm sure it would be easy to do in crochet rib working in the same stitch pattern. You could make the buttonholes easily enough by crocheting all around when it's finished and just chaining past the bit where you would like the button hole.

amaralmyer wrote
on Oct 19, 2009 2:46 PM

It looks fabulous.  I just downloaded it - thank you!!!  Can you give some advice for adjusting the pattern for petites??  I'm 4'11''.

Giannacl wrote
on Oct 19, 2009 2:41 PM


Is there a way to find this pattern for crochet? I would love to make this!

nusaybah wrote
on Jun 27, 2009 9:01 AM

This is absolutely marvelous.  I cannot wait to knit this for my 30 something daughter!