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Cable Down Raglan

Jun 18, 2009
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Cable down raglan knit with wool ease yarn.

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wollimolli wrote
on Nov 19, 2011 1:26 PM

Sehr hübsch!

andacoman wrote
on Oct 18, 2009 10:05 AM

very nice!!

Tinker88 wrote
on Jul 22, 2009 11:08 PM

Ooooh!  Lovely...

enya_34 wrote
on Jun 18, 2009 1:31 PM

Absolutely beautiful! This is the project I am thinking of putting time into.

JeanD@18 wrote
on Jun 18, 2009 11:46 AM

Beautiful sweater! What yarn did you use? I've downloaded this pattern but haven't yet had the courage to start knitting it.

Sally Ann wrote
on Jun 18, 2009 10:36 AM

Love the color and great job on the cables.