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Fugly sweater for my Mom

Dec 22, 2009
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I made this sweater, exactly as requested, for my Mom for her birthday this year. The pattern is a family tartan and she wanted the rest of the sweater to be the royal blue. She is completely in love with the sweater, but it is honestly the fugliest thing I have ever made. I only knit it at home as I was embarassed to be seen knitting it in public, or even by my friends. The only thing that kept me going was doing some mental architecture to knit it in one piece and I love the technique I used to make lined hidden pockets.

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MelissaD@20 wrote
on Dec 22, 2009 8:53 AM

Wow!  Well, at least your mother loves it!  I'm betting that not many people will want to comment on it because if they make a statement either way they'll either dis your taste or your mother's!  I can see the tartan plaid in a much finer gauge in a fitted vest or tailored jacket... but perhaps it would be better to sew those things from an actual wool tartan?