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Hello Everyone!

I'm 37 and live in NC. I've been with my hubby for 20 yrs. We've been married 14 of those. We were high school sweethearts Smile. We have an 11 yr old son. We also have 2 kitties, Patch and Penny.

I've always been interested in "arts 'n crafts" but never considered knitting until I read the book "A Good Yarn". I started knitting as soon as I finished the book! That was in Jun '09. I taught myself because I didn't know anyone who knitted and couldn't afford to take classes. I have learned one stitch at a time but that's ok. I know more now and have accomplished more than I ever imagined I would. If not for the internet I would still only be reading about knitting!!!

I enjoy reading all of the posts even though I can't participate in most of them. One day, I will be able to. One day, I will be helping someone else out!

Happy Knitting,