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My name is Andrea----but please, call me one calls me Andrea...

I love to spin, crochet, weave, punch needle, do locker hooking & naalbinding, am learning and getting better at needle felting, and just to stay up with the "joneses-knitters" loom or rake knitting...cannot use needles, have some minor paralysis in my left hand.  I can't use the middle, ring nor the pinkie finger on that hand, so needle knitting has been frustrating, so I switched to loom knitting.  I've always been more comfortable with crochet, and I know how to change a pattern from knitting to crochet with it looking just as nice.  And I know natural knitters who couldn't tell what I loom knitted next to the same item done on needles...soooo-

But first and foremost I am a wife, mother and a mommy to THE MOST Wonderful little Affenspinscher pup, now 2 1/2 yrs old,  named Ruby, and she is my little GEM!!!

My honey, Paul and I have lived together for about 24+ years and we have a 21 yr old, beautiful, talented, intellegent daughter, Stephani...I may be a little biased, but that's my right as her mother....but she has made either Dean's List or President's list in college consistently... lol Wink

If anyone needs fiber email me at being a fiber (w)hor(e), I have pounds and pounds... I hate to sell it, because each purchase was carefully thought out, but if anyone is in need and funds are short, just email or call me on my cell 484-529-4597.  All I ask is that you pay the shipping, which I can tell you in advance.

I have an etsy store AnniesArtifacting, but it wasn't a great success in the beginning... I'm hopefully going to kill two birds with one stone with my etsy store-I need to clean out my craft room, and do a major destash of anything NOT fiber related.  It's my New Year's resolution to get this done before my birthday on Jan. 15th

OH-and I want to start my own blog about being an artist and craft person and handicapped too.  I am permanently disabled due to a brain and spinal cord injury, and my condition is debilitating...or getting Sleep   -and my numerous medications for chronic pain and fibromyalgia make me sleepy a lot of the time.

Blessings to all artists and crafters!!!   Let's keep up the HOME MADE ways to pass down to future generations!!!