72 years old
Rail Road Flat, CA

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Yes, men can knit.  I have been told men invented knitting - probably fishermen making nets.  I make hats and socks for myself.  I've made scarves and eye-pillows for gifts.  I also make helmet liners for troops deployed to cold duty areas.  Last but not least, I make hats, etc. for preemies for Stitches from the Heart.

If one of my two sons (now in their 30s) decide to have kids, I'll make booties and blankets to help keep them warm.  When I was learning to knit about three years ago, I made booties as practice - I found that I had my grandfather biological clock alarm going off. Hmm

I go to a knitting group on Tuesdays at a church in nearby San Andreas - The leader has a grandson that is a marine.  Two of the helmet liners went directly to him and he asked for more so she is organizing making more by other members of the group.  If you want to help, search for the helmet liner pattern online.  I also sew so when hot weather hits, I plan on making some neck-coolers for troops too.

I am a retired widower and live on a fantastic American Bison ranch in Rail Road Flat, CA.  We are at 3000 ft. and get snow sometimes - a foot of it last December.  I worked in the electronics manufacturing business as a quality manager but started out as an electronics technician.  Besides knitting, I do car maintenance and repair, CB radio chatting, watching football and baseball - I knit during games.  I am also a photographer and have tons of subjects here between the wildlife and old farming and mining items.  Rail Road Flat was named for the mining railroads - not passenger or freight train tracks.