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I grew up in Columbus, Ohio where I went to school at Ohio State for Architecture. I worked there for 2 years before returning to school to get my M. Arch at the University of Washington in Seattle. I taught myself to knit, somehow, as a form of procrastination during my thesis year. The following two years were spent working in a small firm near the pike place market and knitting and crafting (my etsy shop is emmakat.etsy.com) and having lots of fun enjoying the Pacific Northwest. It's gorgeous and I miss it. I'm now living in Chicago with my boyfriend Charles (who is also an architect and also from Ohio, moved to Seattle with me, etc.) so he can get his M.Arch from IIT. It's a great city but the cold might be too much, so who knows where we will be once he's done with classes in May 2009! Maybe we'll stay here a bit, or we might move back west and try Portland, OR this time. We also have a Pacific Northwest (she's terrified of thunderstorms) cat Lucy who we got in Seattle from an animal shelter as an older cat (she was about 6 yrs old) and she's the sweetest cat ever.


  • Dec 18, 2009
  • Christmas Knits

    I'm working on knitting lots of hats for Christmas gifts!