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 I am Tonilakaya M. Peeples, but you can call me Lakaya or Kay as no one seems to be able to properly say my whole name...except for my mom haha.

I am the hearing impaired mother of 3 now grown children, I drive a school bus for special needs children and I sell things I make on the internet. I like knitting, COFFEE!!! music...gospel and country mostly, and anything funny.

My goal is to mentally collect and retain great sounds before they fade from my reality. In the past few years my hearing has gone from 75% down to 48% without the hearing aid. I have gathered 3 college degrees and when the state says I dont hear well enough to drive a bus anymore (yeah there's actually a law about that) then I will fall back on my degrees and be stuck in someone's cubicle...but for now, I am living my dream of working without walls around me.

I also have a goal to 'knit the world', if it can be knitted...I'll give it a try.  I used to buy yarns and stash them away out of intimadation. I used to stay stuck within my skill set but lately I have challenged myself beyond the familiar and now when someone says 'oh you cant do it' I'll try it before I come to that conclusion.  Its a great way to get out of a rut....and clear out an overgrown stash.


  • Jan 3, 2009
  • Ravelry

     i kept seeing links, and comments, and such from ravelry that I got nosy and checked it out. you can now find me on ravelry at: 

    as wel as here.  Have a blessed and wonderful day, and happy new year.