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64 years old
  • Cable Cast-On

    Cast-On Begin with a slipknot and one knitted -cast-on stitch if there are no established stitches. Insert right needle between first two stitches on left needle (Figure A) . Wrap yarn as if to knit. Draw yarn through to complete stitch (Figure B)......
    by Kat
  • Knitted Cast-On

    Cast-on Place slipknot on left needle if there are no established stitches. *With right needle, knit into first stitch (or slipknot) on left needle (Figure 1) ...and place new stitch onto left needle (Figure 2). Repeat from *, always knitting into last...
    by Kat
  • Lifted Increase

    Increase Right Slant: Knit into the back of stitch (in the "purl bump" in the row directly below the stitch on the left needle. (Figure 1) Left Slant: Insert left needle into the back of stitch below stitch just knitted. (Figure 3) Knit this...
    by Kat
  • Middle East Wrap Cast-On

    Cast-On Snugly wrap the working yarn counterclockwise around two needles. Bring the yarn forward between needles, back to front (Figure 1) . Knit across stitches on upper needle (Figure 2) . Rotate the work and knit across the same number of -stitches...
    by Kat
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