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SmileAm a new member of this community and looking forward to learning a lot. Have been knitting since I was five years old, taught by my mother, and kept up, even with dropped stitches, and every thing going wrong. Knitted for two son's, husband and self, then grandchildren came along, and that was a wonderful experience, except that two grandson's are now too big,( over 6ft 4'') and teen agers but love  knitting for two little granddaughters in the UK. 

Learnt to spin after we retired to a hobby farm and had a good life style with my favorite animals, Sheep. Sadly age started to catch up with us, and had to leave the farm, and become suburbanites, but now love being close enough to every thing that we can walk, or husband can ride his bike to shops. Found a wonderful Spinning and Weaving group to belong to and life goes on with lots to keep us busy, and happy. Love every thing to do with the craft and still learning.  Life is a wonderful Rainbow. Smile


  • May 21, 2011

    Hi am still having some trouble with making the pattern stay correct with a lace pattern for a sweater and had some kind ladies who thought they might be able to help, but so far it looks like its too difficult for them also. The lace pattern is from a book by AMANDA GRIFFITHS and is called Luxury knits. This particular pattern is featured on her cover, and its a fairly old one because one of her books has a different photo of a plain sweater, on that cover. Had some input with a lady called Zoe, and had written the pattern out, but perhaps she is not able to help me. The pattern is not HARD, but am having the most difficult time myself with keeping the lace pattern right, after decreasing for the arm holes, and is driving me to drink, or a breakdown because no matter how much i try, it wont work for me. 

    would be so grateful if some one is able to help me sort it out. Thanks for your time. Mirandaj@2