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62 years old
Northeast PA in the Pocono Mts.

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I am a 59 year old woman (pushing 60 hard now!) with 2 grown daughters and 8 fast growing grandchildren...ages 20 months to 14 yrs. old.  I starting knitting when I was 12 & taught myself to crochet from a book when I was in my early 20s, when I was a fairly new mom. I've made them many things over the years & started to make things for my "future" grandchildren when my kids were about 12 & 14.  My kids used to call me "Sit N' Knit" when they were young. LOL!  I still make baby things because they go fast & are SO adorable!!! I can't resist!

I love to do both & always enjoy learning new stitches & techniques... There just isn't enough time in a day to satisfy my hunger for working on new things... I consider myself to be moderately advanced with both knit & crochet, that is, until I find new things I'd never heard of before...which becomes a new opportunity to learn more. I used to make things with tiny needles & hooks, including crochet cotton thread & steel hook doilies but now my eyes & arthritic hands force me to work with larger materials. But that's ok. There are tons of very nice things in that area too. Just go with the flow!

I'm lucky to now have a husband (since 1993) that understands my need to keep learning & trying new things with these crafts, among many others. His work schedule allows me ample time to work on projects & still get normal things done. But if some "normal" things don't get done, it's ok with him too. Life is good!

I love to watch How-To videos! I now keep yarn & needles by the computer so I can follow along. I have more patterns than I can ever possibly make in my remaining lifetime but I still look for more! Keeps life interesting!

I'm very pleased to meet all of you fellow knitters (& those who crochet as well).

Edna  (aka: Rustydip)