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 Love knitting, golf and reading.  Especially love my two rescue dogs. Max (the picture) is part lab and part schnauzer and is 84 lbs.  The most loveable big boy in the world but extremely nosy.  He will sit for hours watching people, so I leave the wooden door open and lock the glass storm door so he can people watch.  Maggie, my old girl, is part beagle and part poodle and is 15, deaf, blind and hell on wheels.  She rules the roost.  They both have a healthy respect for my knitting and never mess with it. Thank Goodness!  I wish each year for a COLD winter so I can wear my sweaters, but so far, only a day or two is cold enough to wear any of them.  So, I have switched to making circular shawls from "Wrapped in Comfort."  A WONDERFUL book if you are a first time lace knitter.  Beautiful results and EXCELLENT directions.  Hope to get to know you all soon and share "knitting horror" stories!!