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What to say? I am an entrepreneur who loves the ability to work from home and hang out with my two adorable pups at the same time (both rescues). 

In my spare time I knit, read, knit some more, watch movies and knit, drink wine and knit... and in between I get a little work done to support my habit. 


  • Jun 22, 2012
  • Tree of Life Afghan - Completed

    Since I'm "kinda" new to knitting (I self-taught way back in 2001, took a 9 and a bit year hiatus, then picked it up again about 8 months ago) I'm trying to figure out my knitting style. I enjoy complex projects where I learn new things but also want something really pretty - the first time! I hate making mistakes (but that's a conversation worth having over a bottle of wine). 

    Convinced, 4 months ago, that I might be an afghan knitter at heart, I decided to work on the Tree Of Life afghan, a free pattern from Lion Brand.

    It took me 3 tries to get this beauty off the ground: twice I frogged back to the beginning, and a third time I "hopped" all the way back from the end of the second panel to the end of the first because I wasn't happy with the intermediate panels that the pattern recommends. Instead, I went my own way and found an alternate pattern online and substituted it in for this final product:

    I used the recommended yarn: 620-099 Wool-Ease Yarn: Fisherman and used all 10 balls except for the remaining 5 yards or so. I held my breath as I finished the border - I didn't even consider that my substitution of the leaves might change the amount of yarn needed. But, all's well that ends well. I love it!

  • Colfax Shawl - Completed

    So today I'm catching up on my knitting announcements apparently. I'm dying for my pattern to arrive for the Pan Am KAL and apparently I feel more in touch with my knitting world if I sit here at pondering what to do with my empty hands and free time. 

    I love my Interweave Knits Magazine but I have also fallen head over heels for Knitscene. The patterns are slightly younger and chic (I'm slowly exiting the bracket that these terms apply to but while I'm here I might as well stick with it). I adored the way the model wore the Colfax Shawl in the magazine (as a scarf/wrap rather than a shawl) and had to jump on board. 

    (please ignore the fact that I'm wearing a pink shirt under a coral wrap)

    I used 100% mercerised cotton from "Cotton Classic". The color is 3412 ("Bright Red Orange"). The drape of the cotton is divine and so breathable (perfect for the balmy SoCal summers). I used 5 full skeins (and a teensy bit of a 6th) so i'm estimating about 560 yards. I'm considering doing this in green, also, like the model. Yay for the summer color trends of 2012!

  • Southmoor Hat - Completed

    Per my previous announcement, I made my first attempt at blocking on the Southmoor Hat (Knitscene, Fall 2011). It turned out fabulously! I'm SO in love with this hat. Now I need it to be winter again so I can wear it. 

    For those of you who might be interested, I made the 19" size hat (pattern offers 3 sizes: 18, 19 and 20"). I used Rowan by Amy Butler ( from the Belle Organic DK collection (50% organic wool, 50% organic cotton). It only took 1 full skein and a teensy tiny little bit more of a second. It's a dream - I can't wait to use it again.

  • Jun 16, 2012
  • My First Blocking Attempt

    I've been knitting steadily for 8 months or so but this is the first time I expect to actually wear one of my creations. From the Knitscene, Fall 2011 edition, I have knit the Southmoor Hat and LOVE the way it's turning out. Unfortunately I've never blocked anything before so I'm making my first attempt today. Fingers crossed!

    I'm using pins that most seamstresses would use for sewing since I don't have any of the fancy blocking pins (yet), a towel folded up to prevent the pins from damaging my table, and a water spray bottle. 

    If you have any tips or tricks to help make this process better I'm all ears. I'm using a wet-blocking technique from the Free Resource center here on Knitting Daily.