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 I have been knitting roughly since the age of 10 years where I learned as a Girl Scout.  I enjoy knitting socks because I have limited time but I love sweaters and lace.  I am a grandma of 7 and a mother of 4 and I've taught my girls and one son to knit over the years and one daughter in particular has embraced knitting with a passion.  I keep telling her she should write a book! 

I'm an avid quilter, machine embroiderer, love learning digitizing, doing some oil painting, drawing, crochet and even some tatting and some bobbin-lace making in the past.  I've always been drawn to the fiber arts and can only say after studying my ancestors lives, "It's in the blood!" 

I enjoy learning new ways of doing things and delight in Sandi's posts and of recent date, the how's, when, and why's of measuring for a great fit when knitting.  It's made me drag out the Dance mat and do floor exercises 3 times a week to make those measurements a little easier to take on the psyche.