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Hi.  This is me--someone who is interested in too much stuff for my own good.  I figure I'm almost 60, so I deserve to be "out there somewhere" at this point!!  I crochet well, and knit pretty good, but would LOVE to learn to be a "master knitter."  (I'm saving my money!)  I also like to sew, quilt, make dolls, tole paint, and scrapbook--there' are not enough seconds in a minute, much less time in a day.  Who ever thought of just 60 seconds--why not 100?!  I have 2, very bright girls in their 20s, and they don't like me to make much for them--just small stuff.  I think they haven't got past their teens in this, and are too afraid I will embarrass them.  What a hoot!  Speaking of a hoot, I'm an avid birder--from my studio.  I love to watch the birds, squirrels and bunnies and their antics.  They bring a smile.  Horse crazy from the git-go too.  Would love to hear from some of you.  Happy knitting!