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  • Big Montana Tunic

    Woman’s easy sleeveless vest pullover with oversized cowl neck and lace pattern. In a bulky yarn, the lace is dramatic and the knitting is quick. Working in the round makes for seamless knitting, and the long A-line shape is flattering. Designer...
  • Ciambella Ciottoli

    by ZassZ
  • Do I have enough? Help!

    I have a shawl pattern that calls for about 450 yards of sock weight yarn. I have a worsted weight yarn that I love for that shawl and have 218 yards of it. Does anyone know if via conversion I have enough? It's a triangular shawl half stockinette...
  • Forum FAQ

    Common Question and their answers!
    by ZassZ
  • Harvest winter 2009 - spring 2010

    by amixel
  • Inside Knits

    by ZassZ
  • Knitting Daily

    Tips and tricks to help you knit the way you’ve always wanted to knit, plus a few wacky stories along the way. Home of the Knitting Daily Galleries, where ordinary office workers get to try on the fabulous Knits fashions and get custom fitting tips.
    by ZassZ
  • Knitting help

    I have sent you a picture of what my knitted scarf looks like taken apart. I washed my scarf and it got tangled together. I managed to untangle it and this is what it looks like. A single knitted line with dingle balls 31/2 inchs apart on it. Total lenght...
  • Lean to the right, lean to the left (We're talking decreases!)

    Remember that high school cheer "Lean to the left, lean to the right, stand up, sit down, fight fight fight!"? It came to my mind as I was working on this post about decreasing in knitting—there's a lot of talk about left-leaning and...
  • Re: can several stitches at the side of a sweater be removed, totally?

    So agreeing with: askhouse01: having ripped and re-knit sections myself after making a mistake too big to ignore. After agonising then just doing it, I have become a much better planner and a more meticulous knitter because I simply can not be bothered...
    by ZassZ
  • Re: Felting - gone wrong.

    imaknit & andrea, Just read both of your posts - just writing to say my heart really goes out to you both - but I admire your looking at it as a "learning experience" & to say that at least you were not so discouraged that you stopped...
    by ZassZ

    good morning zassz and zoe, yes, i am reading you this am. you were up late last night? or early this am?? haha! and she who dies with the most stash wins. ready set go......race ya! i'm hoping the stainless yarn is softer than crocheting with wire...
    by yogama
  • Re: Just Joined - Coming on Knit Daily Show!

    Hi Deborah, Just wanted to say I was in JoAnn's and looking at all the goodies. I noticed some sock yarns and was pondering whether or not to purchase. Then I saw your yarn label and when I touch tested it, yours won out for softness so I picked up...
    by ZassZ
  • Re: shaping neck and shoulders

    Hi, you bind off at the beginning of a row, so BO 2 at neck, work across, turn, BO 5 at arm hole edge, work across, turn, work across (even - no BO at neck edge this time), turn, BO 4 at armhole edge, work across. Hope I got it right! BO at neck separates...
    by L Tyler
  • Re: Vintage double knitting help

    I'm pretty sure they're just dropping the extra wrap to make longer stitches, since if you ignore the double wrap it's standard double knitting (though not very clearly written). There are a lot of ways to double knit, the ones I use for one...
    by Tephra
  • Re: Y A R N B O M B I N G IS HERE!

    Hi ZassZ... I should say " hi again"!!! I just posted something to you on SOCKS too. ZassZ: Are you a late night or early morning person? I'm VERY much a nite person!!! Because of health issues I haven't been able to sleep @ nite for...
    by AndreaW
  • Ruffle and Pleat Skirt

    Designer Cecily Glowik MacDonald Finished Size 32 (36¼, 40½, 45)" waist circumference, just below waist casing, and 36½ (41½, 46½, 51½)" hip circumference. Skirt shown measures 32" waist. Yarn Austermann...
    by Rebecca
  • Stash and stash management

    All things stash and how to organize it.
    by ZassZ
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