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Knitting for me is like binary code - its entire Universe is made up of just two basic things - knit and purl - in an endless number of combinations to create an infinite number of things.  I love the feel of the yarn as it moves through my fingers and comes out the other end as something beautiful.  Each time I promise not to buy any more yarn until I've used some of it up I know I am going to fail before I begin - for the thrill of color, texture and twist combined with the rush I get from giving these gifts to people is as addictive and undeniable as good dark chocolate.  I have other creative outlets - I paint, cook and read, but knitting and giving it away brings me the most joy. I've taught dozens of people to knit and crochet - ranging in age from 7 to 65 and each time one of them moves up the ladder to  lace, cables or something beyond basic it is confirmation for me that as we pass on the skills we build community and continue the tradition.  My love of lace knitting  seems to know no bounds and someday I hope to actually make a sweater that fits a grown person (baby size is so much more forgiving).