48 years old
West Virginia

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I started crocheting when I was a little girl but never "made" anything.

In my 20's I taught myself to knit from a book. My first project was a Fair Isle sweater that I finished and took on a trip to New Mexico. My first night in NM and a lady wanted to buy my sweater from me. I told her I would sell it at the end of my trip as I didn't have a lot of warm clothes with me. (It snowed the next day.) I sold the sweater for about what I had put into materials.

Since then, I've made and given away a lot of sweaters; complicated Celtic knotwork cabled sweaters. I don't think I've ever done anything "easy."

Someday I would like to try my hand at weaving. It really calls to me. Until then, I'm sittin' knittin' with the kittens. You can find us on the couch in beautiful West Virginia.