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39 years old

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I was 3 when I learned to crochet. I was about a year older when I learned to knit. maybe not even a year.

When I was 10 we were supposed to knit a pullover in school. Well I made the back with some beautiful 2 color pattern. Then I made the front with a different pattern (I was bored). Then I never made sleeves.

I bought new wool, started over. Short: Same story.

So I gave up on big projects and turned pounds and pounds of wool into doll cloth (no instructions). Then I knitted approx. 100 pairs of sox, got bored, made almost as many pairs of gloves.

A few years ago I started on baby outfits (with instructions and gorgeous patterns!). This spring finally, after knitting a whole box full of baby outfits in 3 month I finally lost my sleeve trauma and am knitting pullovers for myself. And yes, it is fun after loosing the trauma ;)

Now I am also woking on a whole parade of stuffed animals, that turn out sooo cute and make great gifts.


I like the forum and wanted to join!