My Bio

Wink Hi my name is Jan, I live in the UK and love all things creative.  Especially knitting, I do some crochet and am still on the learning curve, but knitting is my first love...I did become heavily involved in cross stitch, but found my inspiration was more to do with fibre and needles rather than fabric and needle. 

 I would love to be able to sew but had the worst of home ed teachers who put me off for life, as in her words "what's the point, it will always look a mess?, I can't teach someone who does things back to front, upside down as a left hander, you need to be r/h like me for me to teach you!" so I never learned.

I married the man I met and fell in love with at first sight when I was 24, we didn't  marry  until some 15yrs later, but we were never far apart, just went off on different paths to  spread our wings, finally coming home to roost quite comfortably together ever since....

My website showing my work other than socks is