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Hi, my name is Kim and I'm a knitting-aholic.  I been knitting obsessively for the last 7 years although my first knitted item was a Barbie Doll blanket at age 11 taught by my grandmother.  I started crocheting (also obsessively) in high school and made a ton of crocheted vests and afghans. I also made most of my clothes in high school.   I knitted a few baby items with my first child and then switched to cross stitch and needlepoint for a few years.  Seven years ago, I discovered some old stash yarn and my grandmothers pattern books and hooks and needles in the basement  and here I am today.  I love it. I love everything about knitting and crocheting.  The yarns, the patterns, the people.  Last year I was able to organize my stash and claim part of the bonus room for my "studio" with sufficient inventory for a small yarn shop.  I love shopping at home.

My husband and I have 3 children,  2 young adults and a 16 year old.  We own a large heating and air conditioning company and have stayed married 29 years so far.  By the end of the day, I've dealt with people so much that I can't wait to get home to some quiet time with my current project.  Needlework also helps me tolerate the TV habits of my DH and sons and gives me a chance to do something creative.  I also love to paint with pastels, oils or watercolors although my current obsession with knitting detracts from that.

Last Christmas I gifted 76 hand knit items, 34 of which were felted hand bags.  It took 18 months to pull that off and I don't plan to repeat that effort annually but it was fun watching the repsonses of the recipients at the family events.