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 Hi! I'm a domestic diva with no time on my hands. I teach school and have atleast three knitting projects going at all times. This is convient scince I never know which car my husband will leave out of when he goes to work.{We just take whatever car is parked in the drive last.}

I chaufer My children ,aka the laundrymakers, to dance,karate,school,and where ever else we feel the call to at the moment.

I am an athletic booster at our school and knitting is the best thing to have at a basketball game. Our team is used to it, but it really does distract the opposing team.

I'm always looking for anything with the Red Sox or AC Milan ;or anything I can incorporate them into so my male relatives will wear my knitting.

My wish is that designers discover that there are more bauxme babes out here knitting and design the chest with us in mind.

Happy laundrybaskets everyone! 


  • Jan 5, 2011
  • Laundrymakers

    My eldest is in his second year of college    iAND ! Has finally taken up wearing ALL the knitting I've made him. He has discovered cold{ and that those socks,sweaters and hats are warm.} Special thanks for Nicholas's fingerless gloves. They work up fast.{New Year's eve & day} My son has lived in them all week. { I have an eighty year old house and have the same problems as the designer when it comes to heat. } Now where can I find a cat cozy...............................