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 I am a long time handknitter, crocheter and machine knitter; although I haven't used my knitting machines for quite awhile now.  I enjoy any and all crafts. I do quite alot of quilting but always come back to the knitting.  I learned to knit the way many of us did: watching my grandma. Thinking I had it all figured out, when she set down her needles of course I picked them up and "tried them out". From then on there was no stopping.  It has consumed by daughter also.  I am always looking for challenging patterns. I never say that I know everything about knitting but  enjoy figuring out the complicated directions of some patterns.  I enjoy helping others and have taught at our community classes.  When using my knitting machines I developed and designed several of my own patterns. I have met my greatest acomplishment when I won first place at our State Fair : first for my knitting and then a few years later for one of my quilts.