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 Hi there! I am a wife and mother of two who loves to spend any spare moment I can squeeze out of my day crafting. While my true love is crochet, I have gone through seasons of quilting, sewing, and jewelry making. I learned to crochet at age 4 from my mother. My first project, a neon purple scarf made out of stiff, itchy acrylic yarn spent about 9 years being crocheted one wobbly row at a time before I finally finished it at age 13. While my mom never had the patience to follow a pattern, I loved the security in knowing that I was “doing it right”. Little did I know the excitement and joy that comes from having an idea, working through it technically, and then seeing it seeing it as a finished project.  I hope to have many more of my very own to show you in the future.  How far in the future will depend on how messy I can stand to let my house get as I spend time crocheting rather than cleaning! Happy crocheting!