Cat pot holder, double knitting

Here's the first double knit pot holder I made (and designed).   I made a few mistakes, but it is still a well liked potholder by my boyfriend ( a cat owner).

Sorry the photo is from my cell phone, so the quality isn't very good.

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About six_legged

I've been knitting for about 5 years.  Self taught by books and internet.   I've mostly just made scarves and slippers.  This year, I've been attending  social meetings where other knitters bring their yarn and it has inspired me to try some new things.   I made dish clothes for gifts and because my boyfriend uses the dishcloth as a potholder, I taught myself how to double knit so the potholders would be thicker.   I've been having lots of fun designing potholders on grid (in excel) and can't wait to knit my next one which is a dahlia.

I also want to create a soft remote storage basket for the couch  and designs are under way.    If anyone has thought or helps on this please drop me a note.

I've also crocheted since I was a kid, plus tons of other non-yarn arts & crafts


2 thoughts on “Cat pot holder, double knitting

  1. Hi Mamagriz,

    This pot holder was my very first and it had so many flaws that I could not use it for pattern generation.  I did knit a cat pot holder again with a slightly different border and I put the kitty’s feet back in which I had to cut off in the above design since I was knitting it too loose.  

    I created the pattern based on my 2nd effort (below), since I was better at double knitting (no flaws) and it can be knit using 2 colors or 3 colors.  This pattern is available for sale here: