Double knit Scandinavian blanket

This is a double knit blanket, in red and white, shown on both sides, with a square left in the middle for duplicate stitching. It took me quite some time to work this blanket, which is 58" L x 63" W unblocked.

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6 thoughts on “Double knit Scandinavian blanket

  1. Thank you ladies. I am no genius, just a woman with a lot of time on my hands. The yarn is simply Red Heart super size, and I haven’t washed it yet, but it should be. I tried that new Color Catch from Shout, and it does well with keeping the colors separate. That is what I intend to use when I do wash it.

  2. I made it as an heirloom. This one is for my oldest son, the youngest 2 boys have theirs, and I’m currently working on a snuggle for my daughter, also double knit. That will be posted as soon as i’m done


  3. I am going to attempt to make this afghan, it is beautiful.  I’m not sure how to slip the first 11 stitches off with trying to double knit. Do I slip both colors off?  And I’m not sure if I keep the yarn in front of work or behind the work as I’m slipping them off.  Any information would be helpful.  Thanks, Lori