Lindas birthday sweater. cashemere yarn

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5 thoughts on “Lindas birthday sweater. cashemere yarn

  1. Sorry – I hit the ‘add’ key by accident before entering a comment.  Your finishing on the shoulder seams is beautiful and your knitting appears flawless and so even.  How do you sew the armhole seam so perfectly?  If you ever make this pattern available for sale, I would be interested. 

  2. Thanks 🙂  I do try hard to make the finishing perfect, it really makes the garment.  I always crochet all seams together with a simple chain stitch, that way you can go in between each stitch and get perfect alignment. (also if you make a mistake, you just pull to undo, very easy!)

    The pattern is really just a regular set in sleeve, vee neck pattern with a double cable up the front, any similar pattern can be used, just remember to leave 5 garter sts in between cables, one st for the centre st of the neckband and 2 each side to continue up the neck edge and 2 garter sts on the outside of the cable.  Make your neck decreases along the garment edge of the cable panel instead of at the neck edge. Happy knitting…!