Pink and black hat

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About Fru Soleng

Im a houswife and a designer - author ... from Lofoten in the north part of Norway. I love to knit and have been knitting since age 5. Now i have made my very first kniiting book with 17 traditional norwegian patterns for hats and gloves - and are working on my secon one who will be finished 1th february 2011 and have 40 patterns. I mostly knit mittens , gloves and hats. ISBN 9788293082071

9 thoughts on “Pink and black hat

  1. I too LOVE your patterns and have been to your website and cannot locate the book with English translations.

    I have also looked on Ravelry and none there either?

    I want to knke this soon, can you provide a download pattern that I can use Google translator to convert to English if you do NOT have English patterns?