Rosehip Trail socks

Here is a photo of the trail socks on my feet.  Even though I work I can usually get one sock of the pair done in one week so the pair are completed in 2 weeks.

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I've lived in Arizona for the past 23 years.  I moved up to Flagstaff in October 2009.  I was recruited out of the valley for a job up here.  We haven't been here a year yet but I'm liking the change of seasons, and cooler summers.  We still own our home in the valley and bought one here in March so we can go back and forth between the two.  I have been married to my second husband for 18 years.  He has a daughter and I have both a son and daughter.  My daughter is 31 and is getting married in October of this year.  My son is 26 and he is staying in our home in the valley while finishing up his MBA.

I am not only a knitter, I am also a runner.  I started running 6 years and have done 3 marathons, and finished my 9th half marathon in Missoula, MT in July. I like to try new crafts and have done some quilting and I have a girlfriend that taught me how to do the traditional book binding last fall and I made and bound cookbooks for my family for Christmas last year.

We have only one pet.  We adopted a shelter cat the day after Christmas 2008.  We had to have our other cat put to sleep after 17 years and it was 5 years before we decided on another cat.  Her owner had died and she was given to the shelter.  She is Sophie our shelter cat.  That's her picture as my avatar in a mobius basket I knit for her when we brought her home.


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