• Promotion special for your knitted goods through my blog

    I run a knitting blog which you can find at I'm getting a little bored of just posting my own knitted creations and want to share some other peoples creations too. So, on the Monday 28th October 2013 I am going to post a "Special Promotion" (which will NOT cost you anything I promise!) Just E-Mail me your
    Posted to Knitting Chat (Forum) by jessica_squeak on Oct 18, 2013
  • Need help i'm confused

    Hello everyone, okay so my problem is; My new project is a blanket and as im new to knitting i'm doing very well but i was wondering how to knit in two colours, my blanket is green but i want to do an orange design within the green stitches. How would i go about this? Thankyou in advance ~ Jessica
    Posted to Knitting Chat (Forum) by jessica_squeak on Feb 27, 2013
  • Hello :)

    Hello all, i'm new here and new to knitting itself. I was inspired by a post of a knitted hat for a baby, and considering my daughter has been through numerous hats from stores ive decided to make one that'd fit her nicely :) happy knitting :) ~ Jessica
    Posted to Introduce Yourself (Forum) by jessica_squeak on Feb 27, 2013
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