• Re: what do you like to do?

    I like listening to music or reading (but sometimes a character in the books knits-- I don't even plan it that way) a lot. My girlfriends and I all go to different colleges so I hang out with them during school breaks. Usually I work or hang out with my cute close friend at the store we work at. But he's an enabler and encourages the knitting
    Posted to Non-knitting discussions (Forum) by JacquelineV on May 25, 2008
  • Re: Welcome!

    Hi everyone! My name's Jackie (Jack for short) and I live in Massachusetts. The one good thing about the New England winters is how much knitting I get to do. I learned to knit my senior year of high school, and I've been doing it for 3 years now. I've made a few knitting friends at UMASS and I love that I have 2 great yarn stores in Northampton
    Posted to Introduce Yourself (Forum) by JacquelineV on May 25, 2008
  • Re: Tips for left-handed child?

    I'm left-handed and no one else in my family knits so I taught myself from books and videos when I was 18 (20 now). I hold the yarn in my left hand but I use both hands when I move the needles just because it was hard for me to find something comfortable. It looks weird to people watching me but I don't have many knitting friends to help me
    Posted to How do I? (Forum) by JacquelineV on May 25, 2008
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