• Re: The Knitting Green Challenge

    This is great. Would you be willing to share some "how-to" informantion, I have a pile of old sheets just waiting. Thanks so much GM
    Posted to Knitting Daily (Forum) by GwennM on Jun 4, 2010
  • lacy kercief scarf IK Summer 2005

    Can anyone help with this pattern? I am stuck on the "yarnover increase row." I have done the first y/o inc, worked "5 rows even in pattern," completing row 6 (of an 8 row chart) . Now I cant figure out the next step The directions say: "Cont chart pattern as established, rep the shaping of the last 6 rows 33 more times..."
    Posted to Interweave Knits (Forum) by GwennM on May 8, 2009
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