Sugar Bush July Sweepstake Week 1



Canada was born knitting. Our earliest English, French, and Scottish settlers brought with them skills which, because of our frigid climate, immediately became life-saving talents. One early immigrant women actually wrote:

Oh, the cold of Canada nobody knows,

The fire burns our shoes without warming

our toes;

Oh, dear, what shall we do?

Well, in the Canada of 1700, the answer was knitAnd fast.  As people started migrating from Eastern Canada to the West they took their knitting with them, giving their clothing regional twists. From the big, graphic native sweaters crafted to keep the West Coast fishermen warm and dry,  to the famous wool caps we call ‘toques’, knitting helped stitch our country together.

Today, Canada is a colourful, culturally rich nation. And that’s expressed in how Sugar Bush designs yarns and unique patterns.  Our experts combine weights,  colour palettes and yarn compositions to make specialized yarns and source them from around the world.

Our designers work in harmony with our yarn specialists to create patterns that are easy to read, and a pleasure to use. We want a knitter to feel they have a pattern that ‘talks to them’. So Sugar Bush is a natural meeting of form, function and flair.

At Sugar Bush Yarns, our aim is to inspire knitters and crocheters to create beautiful hand-knit projects that they’d be proud to wear or share. And much like the Sugar Maple trees that yield the sweet syrup, Sugar Bush is a symbol of Canada – hearty, bold and a wonder to behold.

Week #1 – Winner Chosen on July 5


July is “Sweet”stakes with Sugar Bush Yarns!

To start off the month, Sugar Bush is thrilled to give the lucky winner of Week # 1  a sugar-coated treat.

From the “Magic in the Air” pattern collection featuring Sugar Bush Glaze comes our Sweetheart Cowl.  This cuddly, cute cowl adds some glitter to any outfit.  Winner will receive:

  • Glaze yarn in winner’s choice of one of 10 delicious colours to complete Sweetheart Cowl
  • Complete “Magic in the Air” pattern book collection featuring Sugar Bush Glaze
  • Sweet bottle of maple syrup directly from a Canadian Maple Sugar Bush