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  • 3" Brooch

    Posted to Reader Photos by Londie Yeung on Sep 15, 2010
    Filed under: Red, original, wool, blossoms, flowers, accessories, crochet, blue, green, round, purple, orange, crocheting
  • Crochet Felted Purse FABULOUS!

    This is the bag that started it all. I first saw it on Etsy.com in LittleProjects store and wanted to buy the bag. Then I find out it's only a pattern. So I set out to teach myself how to knit during hockey season and after 12 or so scarves, think I'm ready. Then I order the pattern and READ...
    Posted to Reader Photos by EyeCandyCreative on Feb 25, 2010
    Filed under: Knit, wool, handmade, accessories, purse, crochet, felted, knitting, eye candy creative
  • Felted purse.

    Made from Rio De La Plata Hand spun, Kettle dyed wool. I basically crocheted a bag. I started at the bottom and worked around both sides of the chain with three sc in each end. I continued to sc three stitches in each end stitch until I thought it was large enough then i just sc around and around until...
    Posted to Reader Photos by Pink Lady on Sep 2, 2009
    Filed under: yarn, wool, handmade, accessories, purse, bag, crochet, handspun, felted
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