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  • Flamenco Knitted Skirt, As Seen on Knitting Daily TV Episode 1101

    Kristin Omdahl, crochet and knitwear designer, joins Eunny on the first episode of Knitting Daily TV Series 1100 for a how-to segment on crocheting ruffles onto a knit or crochet skirt. Combining knit and crochet stitches in the Flamenco Ruffled Drawstring Skirt is an eye-catching combination. This skirt...
    Posted to Free Patterns by AnnieB on Jul 17, 2013
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  • Preview Knitting Daily TV Series 1100 and Episode 1101 - The Skirt

    Welcome to the 11th series of Knitting Daily TV , featuring host Eunny Jang and experts Clara Parkes and Kristin Omdahl. Learn new knitting tips and techniques, design one-of-a-kind crochet and knit garments, meet trendsetting designers, and more. Getting Started: Join Eunny on this Getting Started segment...
    Posted to Knitting Daily TV by AnnieB on Jul 11, 2013
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  • Tesserae Knitted Top by Vicki Square, As Seen on Knitting Daily TV Series 1100

    Tesserae are the small pieces of stone or glass used in ancient mosiacs. This beautiful knitted top mimics the pebble texture of tesserae with slip-stitches. This tee can be knitted with short sleeves or sleeveless, providing the unexpected colorplay that knitted slip-stitch can evoke. Dramatic in black...
    Posted to Free Patterns by AnnieB on Jul 8, 2013
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