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  • Cowichan with Mammoths

    I saw the beautiful turquoise deer sweater made by Granted Clothing and desperately wanted one, but couldn't afford to pay $300 for it. I therefore decided to make my own... but ended up playing with the idea of using different animals, until finally coming up with this version, featuring woolly...
    Posted to Reader Photos by ironychan on Sep 7, 2010
    Filed under: Knit, sweater, Custom Knits, wool, handmade, fair isle, cardigan, clothing, warm, Colorwork, knitting, jacket, autumn, seamless
  • Katie's Cardigan

    Size 3 Cabled aran cardigan. Adapted from a Debbie Bliss pattern.
    Posted to Reader Photos by JABakerArts on Mar 6, 2010
    Filed under: Knit, cables, sweater, cable, children's, cardigan, girls
  • Baby Sweater

    Posted to Reader Photos by lvlndsec on Feb 22, 2010
    Filed under: yarn, Knit, sweater, handmade, cable, baby, cardigan, apparel, clothing, interweave, child, jacket
  • Ugly Christmas Sweater

    This is a sweater I made for my brother in law last Christmas. It's from a Brandon Mably pattern (I think the original was in 'Brilliant Knits'). I said I was going to make him the ugliest Christmas sweater ever, and the whole family agreed I just might have done it!
    Posted to Reader Photos by ironychan on Dec 21, 2009
    Filed under: yarn, Knit, pullover, sweater, Custom Knits, Red, handmade, acrylic, pink, blue, parallelograms, green, apparel, clothing, warm, Medium, Colorwork, knitting, ugly, purple, stripes, orange, colourful, winter, stripe
  • Olive

    Olive is an easy lace cardigan that is approx waist length and sits close to the body. Short sleeves with a lace border add a dainty look and allow you to use it for most seasons. This would be a great cardigan in warmer areas as well. Olive uses only basic knitting stitches plus the following - p2tog...
    Posted to Reader Photos by GraceM@10 on Nov 3, 2009
    Filed under: Knit, sweater, pattern, lace, knitting, teen
  • Spring Showers cardigan in blue

    This is adapted from April Showers found in Knitting the New Classics by Kristin Nichols, page 25. The original is in La Gran. I used Woolease by Lion Brand. I call this my everyday sweater. I use this pattern a lot because it's so adaptable. I didn't put in the buttonholes because I don't...
    Posted to Reader Photos by Pink Lady on Sep 2, 2009
    Filed under: Knit, sweater, handmade, cardigan, apparel, clothing, warm
  • Astra Lace cardigan

    This pattern is my own. I finished this cardigan in December 2005. I made it from Astra by Paton in Cotton candy.
    Posted to Reader Photos by Pink Lady on Sep 2, 2009
    Filed under: Knit, sweater, original, handmade, acrylic, pink, lace, cardigan, apparel, clothing, warm
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