Knitting Stitches You Need to Know: Free Knit Stitches Guide & Patterns

There’s a saying that all knitting is made up of just two stitches: the knit stitch and the purl stitch. That’s true … sort of. These basic knitting stitches can be combined to make all kinds of different patterns, from simple stockinette stitch to intricate cables and let’s not forget those beautiful lace knitting stitches.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite knitting stitches patterns to share with you in this free eBook. With 13 techniques in all, you’ll discover knitting stitches for beginners to tackle, plus more intermediate and complex designs such as the lattice pattern, herringbone, and many more. You can incorporate them into accessories, sweaters, and wherever else you need a beautiful stitch pattern. Download your copy today to discover all of the different knitting stitches. Print out a copy and keep this handy reference close by!

With this free guide to types of knitting stitches, you'll not only get the basics but more advanced knit stitches to take your knitting to the next level.
Discover 13 knitting stitches patterns, including these three, in this free eBook.

Go beyond the stockinette stitch and garter stitch with our free knitting stitches eBook!

In the first section of this guide, Knit & Purl, you’ll find four tutorials for knitting stitches patterns using just the knit and purl stitches. The variety of patterns you can make with these two basic stitches is amazing! The second section, Lace & Eyelets, features five beautiful knit stitches that will help you take your knitting to the next level. From the simplest eyelet stitch to the more complicated fern lace knitting stitch, there’s something for everyone here. Cables & Arans, the third section, is made up of four amazing cable stitch patterns. You’ll love the twisting, turning stitches in this section, not to mention the amazing texture you’ll get. All of these knitting techniques are yours, when you download this free knitting stitches guide!

Basic Knitting Stitches Patterns for Knit & Purl

Basic Knitting Stitches, Patterns for Knit & Purl

This section of the eBook features beautiful patterns using basic stitches, including:

  • Diagonal Knitting Pattern – You’ll learn how to take simple knit and purl stitches and combine them to make this beautiful diagonal pattern. This one is perfect for a dishcloth or an afghan.
  • Ornamental stitches – Discover why the Ornamental Daisy Stitch is so popular. Try it on a baby sweater or a baby blanket!
  • Dot Stitch – One of our favorites. It’s easy and it makes a subtle but interesting statement. Great as an allover stitch pattern for a pullover sweater.
  • Moss Panels – They look like a cable, but really they are only a simple knit and purl stitch combination.
Knitting Stitches Patterns for Lace & Eyelets

Knitting Stitches, Patterns for Lace & Eyelets

Discover the loveliness of lace and eyelets, with this next section:

  • Ridged Eyelet Stitch – Perfect for summer knitting! You could use it to make a market bag, a warm-weather shawl, or a swimsuit cover-up.
  • Fern Lace – This stitch pattern has a lovely drape and would make the perfect shawl or scarf. It would be lovely as a panel on the front of a pullover sweater, too.
  • Herringbone Stitch Knitting Pattern – This one is a classic. This dense, textural stitch pattern will be perfect on a scarf for the guy in your life, or on an afghan!
  • Staggered Fern Lace – Truly a gorgeous stitch pattern. It’s wonderful for fingerless mitts, and it would make a perfect cowl.
  • Zigzag Eyelets – This design is delicate but makes a statement. The eyelet is such a classic for babies, too.
Knitting Stitches Patterns for Cables & Arans

Knitting Stitches, Patterns for Cables & Arans

All about texture, discover cable stitch knitting and Arans, including:

  • Textured Cable – This stitch can be used anywhere. It would be fabulous on a sweater, scarf, gloves, or mittens. It’s the perfect blend of cable stitches, moss stitch, and reverse stockinette stitch. This is a good one for the guys, too.
  • Stacked Cable – A simple and beautiful cable. It’s just two rope cables situated beside each other. This one is great for sweater sleeves, hats, and borders.
  • Triple Criss Cross Cable – Intricacy at its best. Try it on a pullover sweater, a scarf, or a blanket. What a beautiful cable stitch!
  • Lattice Pattern – A wonderful pattern, especially for accessories. How about a handbag or a cowl? This pattern is just a 4-row repeat, too! Amazing.

Learn the different knitting stitches out there to take your knitting stitches to the next level!

Do knitting stitches intrigue you? Have you wanted to try new knitting stitches patterns, but didn’t know where to begin? Then this is the free eBook that you’ve been waiting for! The experts at Knitting Daily put together this collection of knitting stitches, just for you. Now you have your very own knitting stitch library! You’ll find knitting stitches for beginners as well as more involved stitches to keep you challenged. This guide to types of knitting stitches has all of the instructions that you’ll need to knit all 13 stitches! Grab your free copy today.