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As so many of you feel similarly - I Love to Knit!...and I have several projects going so that I may jump from one to another watching them progress and come into being ~ I find it fascinating, gratifying, and fun to watch these patterns take form.  Recently, I began a sweater for myself - what a concept.Wilted Flower

I live in NE-IL as a companion with a very dear friend's 88 yr old father.  He's a lovely hoot!  He likes to watch me knit and comments on whichever piece I'm working on, and really likes the shawl I'm knitting at the moment.  It's a lovely piece.

I live simply and enjoy it beyond measure.  My 3 grown children and daughter-in-law all live in Milwaukee, WI, and seem quite content these days, but you know how the winds will change!

My stash is never large enough, and the same is true for my collection of free patterns from various knitting websites, and i have a few knitting books, as well.  The local library has a very good selection, too.  I wish I was retired -  I would knit, garden, ride my bike, gather with friends, quilt, cook 'n' bake and eventually visit the UK & France.

The GoddessSleep and Life are Sweet Wilted Flower,

Best Wishes to All,