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 Crocheter and knitter since adolescence, aspiring spinner.

I take the liberal arts approach to fiber arts, I study the broadest possible range of materials and techniques: cables, lace, socks, colorwork,  flat or in the round, 2 needles, 4 needles, 5 needles, left-hand carry, right-hand carry, combination knitting, whatever the best tool or technique to get the results you want.  I'm curious to try new fibers:  (experience to date: wool, cotton, soy/chitin, alpaca/silk, bamboo, llama/linen, various acrylics.  Planned: camel, buffalo, corn, banana, quiviet). 

 I love making baby things because they are faster to complete and I always seem to know someone having a baby - and every baby deserves a hand-made gift.  I give most of my work away, including to several charity organizations.  I have a (lofty) goal to donate one item to every organization in "Knitting for Peace". 

I think the "divide" between knitters and crocheters is ridiculous, and only points to the sinful nature of the human condition.  Why waste time and energy arguing when we could come together to make more beautiful items and have a more positive impact on the world?   

Unsolicited advice:  Learning to read your stitches is the most useful skill you can aquire.

 One more bit of trivia:  I've never made a scarf.  I think I'd get too bored. Although, come to think of it, I have done full-size blankets, afghans, and baby blankets, and those ought to be just more of the same. 

I'm also on Ravelry as "FleeceFriend" although I haven't posted much there yet.