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If I'm breathing, I'm knitting!  As Wife and Mother of Four, I spend a lot of time driving.  I HAVE to bring a knitting project everywhere.  I have a crafty kid background, learning to crochet at 9, and other crafts before that.  After that, my grandfather made me a "cro-knit" hand-carved needle, which I still have, and a primitive kind of knitting machine, which I have and had a friend later make a larger one.  I didn't learn to knit until I was about 40.  My mom and her mom taught me how to cast on and knit, and then promptly left in the car to drive back to Florida.  Over the phone my mom told me to bind off as I had with the knitting machine, which meant using my fingers to cross loop over the one behind it.  Whew!  That sent me scurrying to the library to drag home every book on "how to" and to the Internet for help.  When I'm not knitting, I am a full time genealogist.  Current projects include learning socks to make for Christmas and how to do a lace shawl for my mom-in-law, also for Christmas.  It's currently July, so maybe if I start now. . . ..I'm also trying to figure out how to knit on a treadmill or bike.