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72 years old
Lake Como,

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I am retired, widowed, and 67 yrs old.  I've been knitting since the age of 6, so I have a good bit of experience under my belt.  My favorite things to knit are socks and anything for babies to wear.  I have 2 dogs.  A Pomeranian named Dudley, and a miniature Poodle named Lizette.  And 2 cats, Pyewacket (20 yrs old) and Rosie.  Rosie and the dogs are still kiddies compared to Pye, but they all get along well.  I live in a rural area of northeast PA. where the scenery is gorgeous year round, but best when the green of the trees are obvious, because as far as the eye can see, there is nothing but trees.  I can't even imagine living anywhere else.  My late husband left me in November of 2008, and with a lot of time to fill, I have taken up spinning.  I also enjoy reading and croceht on occasion ( it really bothers my hands these days) and gardening.  During the summer you can usually find me pulling weeds somewhere.  It is a Summer pastime that I have enjoyed since childhood.  It is time to think and reflect and take in the beauty that is Mother Nature, while caring for my flowers and vegetable garden.