KD Sandi

5 years old
Greater Toronto Area, Canada

My Bio

I live in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada with my husband Nicholas, our three-legged dog Buddy, and three very vocal, very sweet cats. Dusty is the Zen Buddhist of the family, Zoe is the Pet Me Princess, and we are proud to introduce Cap'n Tim, our eight-month-old one-eyed kitten. (Having one eye doesn't seem to hold him back much. True to his Canadian heritage, he loves to play hockey with anything he finds on the floor, and his new trick is jumping from one piece of furniture to another. So much for needing binocular vision!)

I am a passionate knitter, spinner, crocheter, beader, and weaver. Sometimes it is hard to choose what craft to work on. Most of the time, I just want to do them all!



Is "Wiseheart" your real last name?  Yes.

How long have you worked at Interweave? Five years, first in the editorial staff for Interweave Knits and Interweave Crochet, and now as your host on Knitting Daily.

Do you get to knit at work? Sometimes. In long meetings where I mostly have to listen; at lunch; when I have to swatch a particular technique for one of the posts. Otherwise, most of my knitting gets done in bits and pieces at home, just like yours.

Is your tape measure really named "Sam"? Yup.

Why on earth would you name a tape measure?  Because I use Sam for all the gallery measuring sessions, and when I introduce the gallery models to Sam, it makes them laugh. People are afraid of tape measures. It is rather tough to be afraid of tape measure named Sam.

Favorite yarn? All of them. Ok, well. The soft, pretty, and nice ones.

Favorite beads? Seed beads and lampwork. I also love pearls and crystals.

Favorite spinning fiber? Stop, it hurts to choose...OK. Alpaca, and BFL.

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