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31 years old

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Knitting has been in the family since as far as I can mother has done it and my grandmother and my great grandmother and her mother and so forth.  Actually knitting is just part of our heritage, knitting has been a major part of Romania and so has crocheting, and I do both.  I prefer knitting over crocheting... I don't know why, but I just do.  I guess I just like the look of knitting and the unlimited options of knitting as apposed to crocheting.  You can do many other things with crocheting too. 

My knitting habit has burnt a hole in my wallet a few times... I just love the art... It is one of my many passions... here are to name a few; knitting (of course), crocheting, reading, writing, needlepoint, Romanian point lace, drawing, painting, photography (digital & manual, editing & taking), and maybe I will muster the courage to tackle tatting.  I am a woman of many talents... at least my husband thinks so... Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I do have a husband two silver fish a Beta fish and an eel and a guinea pig named Spike (I know very original).  My dear husband has endured many sleepless nights of me knitting and reading patterns till dawn... I just love to read knitting patterns and to analyze them to see what I can either modify or fix or just to read them... I also have another confession to make... I love yarn shops, yarn aisles and just anything with yarn. I love them all.  I love yarn, patterns, new needles and gadgets...

I also have a blog where I am trying to accomplish to place all of my knitting habits on it and patterns and everything in between.  The blog is named ImpleKnit... since I am of Romanian ancestry I thought that it would be a clever idea to put a Romanian word and an English word together to get something from both worlds... Impleti means to knit in Romanian and Knit means just that to knit in English, so the two together came out as ImpleKnit.  Hopefully you will enjoy the read on my blog and had enjoyed my bio.