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I am a self taught knitter who got a little help from my mom starting out.  She wasn't a knitter but gave me the basic stitches, how to cast on and bind off, knit and purl, and the rest I had to figure out for myself.  I had a book that gave a couple of patterns for beginners and so it went.  Didn't knit for a long time while I was working and raising a family, and now that I'm retired and have some time again, I've taken it back up and have done some things that I never did before.  It keeps my hands busy while the TV is on and I can make things for my grand kids that they usually like.  The two older ones are turning 15  this year, they're getting picky about what they like so you can never be sure.

I enjoy not only knitting but some crocheting and some sewing too.  Not a quilter at all, but do sewing of home dec and clothing.  I love to look at the magazines, books and even the pamphlets at the yarn stores to get ideas for things to knit.  Interweave has such beautiful stuff in it, I always look forward to the new magazine coming.  Well guess if you want to know anything else about me you can ask.  I've never done a pair of sox but completed many sweaters.  Sox always seemed so daunting, but a sweather seemed simple.  Don't know how that works, but I think it has something to do with not having 5 or 6 needles to work with at the same time!!


  • Sep 14, 2009
  • Pirate Cap

    Thanks so much for the link to the pattern.  I'm trying to be more fierce with my knitting as Sandy was telling us to be last year, so I will do my best to follow the graph for the design even though I don't have much experience along those lines.  I think my grandson will just love it.  Again thanks much!!