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Dear Fellow Crafters and New Crafters:

I started teaching myself to knit and quilt when I was very young.  I was inspired by a baby quilt my paternal Grandmother had given me at 6 years old.  (I still have the quilt).  No one on either side of the family knitted.  A woman in our community taught knitting but she charged more than my mother wanted to pay.  Knitting and crochet were mystery crafts at the time and knew very, very few women that did either or at least admitted to it.  I plugged away.  I called my County Extension Service, 4-H division, which I was a home economics member for how-to instructional materials on knitting.  This is when I started reading. Mother and I purchased yarn and needles.  Off we went to make our first project: a hat.

This was the start of my love of handknitting.  One Christmas I received a "Knitting Jenny" and made quite a lot of scarves.  I still have that tool and make a scarf or two now and again. In the 1980s, I expanded my "Knitting Jenny" and made a replica out of a piece of board and "U" staples from the hardware store.   I made blankets in college and in my younger years. 

I quilt, crochet, make buttons and knit, etc.  I am self-taught and have read alot of materials over the years.  I try all different techniques and patterns.  I am still learning. 

I now teach and sell my work.