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You might be wondering why my user name is Knitting4Hope. The Hope part refers to my hope chest. I have an ongoing list of useful items that I will knit, crochet, sew, or make some other way by the time I get married. (Hopefully). Some of the items on my list includes sweaters (for ages newborn - 12 yrs), hats (ages newborn - 6 yrs), socks (ages preemie - 5 yrs), mittens (ages newborn - 8 yrs), dishcloths, knit towels, rugs, and blankets/afghans. There are more items on the list, but I won't list them all.
If you are not sure of what a hope chest it, let me give you a brief explanation. "A hope chest is a tool to show skills completed & lessons learned in preparation for marriage. The completed hope chest is a sign a young lady is ready for marriage." Hope chests are made up of useful items that are carefully made by a young lady in preparation for her future marriage. It can be anything from a simple cardboard box, to an elegant chest. So that's a brief explanation. If you what to learn more you can go to this website:
I've been knitting for over 7 years now, but I hadn't done much the first 2 years. Now I am trying many new and more intricate things. For example I started to make baby socks last year. I am also making the Lace Chuppah from the Interweave Knits Summer 2007 Issue.
That is about it. :)
Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.


  • Jan 5, 2011
  • Chuppah update
    Yes, I’m still here. I haven’t worked on my chuppah for a while. I’ve been working on other projects: beautiful fingerless gloves, scarves, and baby bonnets. For all who are following my chuppah project, thanks for you patients. It will be a while, but it will get finished.
  • Feb 27, 2010
  • Chuppah Update

    So here is an update on my chuppah: I have 6 more rows and I will be half way. It is looking good!

  • Nov 4, 2009
  • Quilt

    I know this is a knitting site, but since I talked about my hope chest, then I decided to put this announcement up. Today I finished my first quilt. It is queen size, and it is a beautiful blue/aqua and lime green color. I might post a picture in the gallery. If you want to see it let me know.

  • Oct 19, 2009
  • Chuppah

    I started my lace chuppah, on Friday, October 16th, 2009. I hope to finish sometime before the wedding. That would be a good thing. Smile

  • Jul 25, 2009
  • It's Finished!

    Today I finished my first knit afghan. I have put a picture of it in the gallery.