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Im a layed back lady with lots of talent.  Im also the mother of my handsome son Damian Alexander.  He is the reason for my being.  I am kind of a jack of all trades I guess you could say.  I love to crochet, which I got started in when I was only 9.  Kids my age were playing with dolls and I was picking up the crochet needles and asking my mom to teach me.  I kind of lost myself there for a while and stopped to be a teenager but picked it back up about 3 years ago.  I am in the process of teaching myself to knit also.  I gotta say, I love crochet but I love the look and texture of knitting.  I cant wait to get better so I can make all sorts of things...if you have any tips and tricks you would like to share, feel free!  I also love love love to draw.  I love putting pencil to pape and creating beautiful art.  Although Im not as good as I used to be.  You can see some of my stuff on my facebook page but most of it gets given away before I ever take pictures.  Big Smile