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Morgan, a male knitter who whose mission it is to recruit straight and gay males into the world of the fiber arts for charity and for personal reward and fun. I am also promote greater awareness of the needs and frustrations of the male knitter in the lack of male patterns and lack of male knitting fashion in the knitting magazines, etc in terms of accessories, beyond the same old scarfs and sweaters that are useless to a man during a hot summer. During the cool and cold months, the usual scarves and sweaters but also blankets, robes, mawls (shawls suitable for men) lapghans, afghans, knitted and crocheted bedspread in unisex or male colors.

Handknit ties, knitted cell phone and iPhone socks, simple knit mesh market bags, knitted dice bags for games, knitted yoga mat mesh bags, knitted mesh duffel bags are useful year-round accessories for a male. Knitted T-shrts, knitted polo shirts, knitted caps and hats, knitted laptop covers, knitted, simple nonfrilly man purses that sling over the shoulder and across the chest with a strap and hangs down along his side and looks like an appropriately sized version for wearing knitted version of a briefcase and OK for office etc.

I am very dedicated to increasing the awareness and the  level of discussion about male fashion knitwear needs in a knitting world that sometimes seems lacking in ideas for ideas for men and by men.

Born in 1953 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Moved to Cleveland, Ohio, Lived there until age 12.  Used to watch my grandmother knit mittens and crochet a scarf. Lived in Bethesda, Maryland until 1998. Moved to Silver Spring, Maryland and acquired a knitting skill about 6 and 3/4th years ago. Was terrible at first at knitting but my skill and confidence increased.  My projects can be seen on ny blog called The Yarn Guy with Blogger (posted in  English and in Irish Gaelic) on Blogspot. com and also on You need to join Ravelry for free as a knitter/crocheter/weaver (or any combinations of those fiber art skills) to see my other knitting projects.

I hope to find another guy who knits to fall in love with and to maybe one day marry if marriage equality comes to Maryland where I live.