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I am Kitty Alice Morgana willow.

I am 23 years old and live in Chelmsford Essex in a village called Writtle with my boyfriend Benjamin who I call Ben for short and his 2 parents mum Mary and dad Billy who are both retired. I am currently in the middle of studying with home distance learning company Ics. I have just finished an A level (also known as a GCE) in English Language and I have recently got a job as an EYFS practitioner in a nursery.

I am going to learn knitting as soon as my knitting starter pack arrives in the post after Tuesday (Monday is a bank holiday because it’s Easter).I saw some really nice black cotton with multi coloured polka dots in Maldon’s Fabric City that I really want to buy as I want to make an 80’s inspired rara dress.

I wanted to learn to knit, because my sister does, and I went to a lent luncheon with Mary, and the Hostess Geraldine Whitmore told me about her knitting experiences and inspired me to take up the craft so I can make my own clothing, which I always have had an interest in.


Knitting was a popular hobby in the 80’s and I absolutely adore anything 80’s. I am a HUGE lover of the decade for as long as I can remember. It inspires, amazes and gives me such happiness. New Wave Synth music is my favourite genre of music and I live for it. It inspires me in so many ways, and having a long, long love affair with synthesisers in general only fuels this passion. My most inspiring acts are Howard Jones, Talk Talk, Duran Duran, Kajagoogoo and Ultravox, but I also love Tears for Fears, Paul Young, Alison Moyet, Depeche Mode, Helen Terry and Kylie Minogue’s first album.There is just something about 80’s music that gives me this indescribable feeling of pleasure-my collection of vinyl’s spans 10 years and goes back to when I was 14!I used to sew, but wasn’t very good at it, but now I want to try again, as


I also love to dance, quad skates, SAW/PWL (they’re the original!), rara skirts, floral patterns, neon colours, 80’s clothing, Alice in Wonderland, unicorns and anything fantasy like the legend of Camelot or that allows me to reminisce in my “glory” days. I also love glitter, bunnies and reading (when I’m not studying!)

So, that's me in a nutshell! Hope I make some new "crafty" friends"!


I love knitting and crocheting and sewing, as I would love to have some practical skills that will benefit me throughout my later years. It is also good to have a meaningful life long hobby that allows a person to achieve and develop thier own personal skills to allow them to grow. Its also the fact that as a woman, I want to be able to have a craft that I can be good at to allow me to express myself.


I have been crocheting a week at the time of writing this. I have mastered the single crochet stitch and am making a square for a patchwork blanket I want to use for mine and Ben’s double sofa bed. I wanted to learn to crochet as there was a series called “The Art of Crochet” that comes out every week, which was advertised on TV and immediately grabbed my attention as I love being creative.