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Hi, I am an avid knitter of over 50 years. I live with my husband of almost 40 years, my daughter and her two children - James Thomas (6) and Raena Anne-Marie (3) and her fiancé and a silly old Lasa Apso aptly named Kali (goddess of destruction).   My on-screen name is in memory of my son Rob who became our guardian angel in 2007 at the age of 26.  He was an inspiring young man, full of life who was killed on his motorcycle when a young woman drove distracted and turned left without thinking about on-coming traffic. I have been knitting since I was about 4 years old, my father's mother (Nana Noyes) taught me with great patience.  I knit socks primarily and donate them to our local service men and women, and also make felted slippers for their families (we live in western NY where we get about 10 feet of snow each winter season).  I also knit helmet liners for the soldiers - but am tired of black, olive, navy, grey and brown.  I only knit them during the  cold weather, as they have to be 100% wool and this summer has been unbearably steamy. 

I love different materials and take enormous pleasure in bright colorwaves and particularly seek out hand painted yarns.  We have just come home from a terrific vacation where my wonderful husband sat outside no less than 8 yarn stores while I added to my stash - again primarily of sock weights.  I have just gotten the newest version of Sock Wizard V2  by Knitting Software, Inc. and know it will be extremely useful for calculating stitch counts, guages, and pattern repeats  for all the different sizes I try to accommodate. 

I believe in knitting for my own sanity, followed by giving away my work for my family's sake, otherwise we would be inundated with too many socks!  Happy knitting to all --- remember Rob --- take an extra 3 seconds at any intersection, or anytime you turn left, the rider you noticed is someone's child and they will be thrilled their loved one came home safely.